A security audit is essential if you want to successfully safeguard your company from online risks, functioning as a preventative strategy to lower the chance of hostile cyber attacks. Our security audits thoroughly check the integrity of your network solutions to reduce the chance of downtime. We use a strong in-depth scanning tool to examine ports, processes, firewall policies, and software upgrades to offer you with a complete security overview of your solution. This analysis generates a complete report that includes an assessment of your system’s vulnerabilities, threat level, and how big of a risk it poses to your solution. By running regular testing, you are securing your solution, protecting your brand’s image, and ensuring your company’s future.

Server Security Audit

from £1500
Minimise risk of downtime
Prevent unauthorised access
Identify new vulnerabilities
Provide solutions to re-secure your network
Classify the grade and severity of any vulnerabilities and highlight the more immediate or urgent risks.
Total costs: