Check Server Security
CHKRootKit : Detects hacker software and notifies via email
RootKit Hunter: A utility that checks the server for backdoors and harmful malware.
APF or CSF: A policy-based iptables firewall solution for simple iptables rule setting.
SSH Securing: For a better security of ssh connections.
Host.conf Hardening: IP spoofing and DNS poisoning are prevented.
Sysctl.conf Hardening: Defends against syn-flood assaults and other network abuses.
FTP Hardening: Secure FTP software by upgrading to latest version
TMP Hardening: Hardening /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm for preventing the execution of malicious scripts and codes.
PHP Tightening: Tweak PHP by changing the parameters of php configuration for better security and performance.
PHP Upgrade: Compile PHP to its latest stable version which increases server security.
Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection: Security against Telnet/SSH users consuming all server resources and causing a system crash.
Update Control Panel to latest version
Install Logwatch for investigating any suspicious activity on the server
Turn off unused services and daemons
Disabling Chargen to prevent an attacker from abusing the server in order to interrupt another server
Symlink Protection
Kernel Hardening
Crontab Hardening
MySQL Hardening

Total costs: